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5 Tips for Staying in Touch with Past Clients!

Although it can be difficult to keep up with clients who haven't recently utilized our services, maintaining contact is essential if we want their business again.

Here are a few tips on how you can stay connected:

Tip #1: Update Your Contact List

It is vital to keep your contact database up to date and resist the urge to over-clutter it with people you haven’t serviced in a while. When updating your contact list, pay attention to bounced emails or constant lack of answering the phone or text. This could be a sign they have a new email or phone number. Try to track them down to get all of their information updated.

Tip #2: Update Clients Through Email

There have been questions about the effectiveness of email marketing for quite some time, but it hasn’t completely left the radar. Emails are still very important in the Real Estate industry, so continue sending them. In emails, you can share market updates, news, industry tips, or just check-in. You can also have each contact categorized in different email lists so different types of people get different emails.

Tip #3: Engage on Social Media

Social media is definitely not going anywhere. Communication on Social Media is one of the most important ways to connect. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and even Pinterest are great ways to stay connected. This helps bring a personal touch to your marketing.

Tip #4: Use Your Mailbox

The pandemic taught all of us so many things. Yes, we have become more digital, but I would bet that we still all love to get something in the mail, feeling some real-life connection with others. This is where sending fun holiday cards or thinking-of-you packages can be such an amazing way to market.

Tip #5: Be Active

We are big believers in getting out into the community and being active. This could look like sponsoring local events, going to trade shows, attending conferences and meeting new people in the Real Estate industry, and so much more. Having a personal one-on-one connection and meeting in person can change the trajectory of your business. Doing things virtually is great if you can’t go somewhere in person, but we highly encourage all of our members to get out into the world and meet new people, as well as get into the rooms where past clients go to reconnect with them.

Hopefully, these 5 tips have been helpful to stay connected with your current and past clients. As we all know, there are seasons when doing any of this sounds overwhelming because of the number of jobs your company is doing, but set aside some amount of time and plan all of your connections.

Never stop connecting!

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