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Flying high in July!

I’m currently at an airport in California looking at the runway and watching planes come and go. It’s very interesting to watch as they prepare for accurate takeoff and landing. Everyone knows their positions, has their checklists, and works together in unison. This orchestration is happening right in front of me. Pilots are walking to their flights. Luggage is being loaded, and ground crews are dressed and equipped with all they need.

Can you see a resemblance in our Home Staging companies and our day-to-day operations? Jobs come in, jobs go out, teams are coming and going, and everyone is equipped to run as a well-oiled machine. Right?

It makes you think about how our companies must be structured to be the best of the best.

Yes, as technology improves, we must tweak our processes as we are moving forward. You’ve heard the saying, “Build it as we fly it.” We continue to progress, we continue to knowledge-share, and we continue to keep our clients' best needs and wants in front of us to help guide our decision making process.

Let’s continue to compare our companies to airports.

The planning, the scheduling, the services, the communication, and the feedback all help us operate at our highest and best. And in doing this, we realize that every decision matters. Every moment matters. Every penny spent or invested matters.

Where can we all adjust and fine-tune? We hope this month's HSRA publication and resources we provide will help you identify the areas of opportunity for improvement and enhancement. Continue to share knowledge with our other HSRA members so we can all arrive together.

-The best is yet to come!


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