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It's Halftime!

If you’re like me, you love watching football, especially if you know those playing in the game. We spent many seasons watching our boys on the field. I was also a cheerleader throughout school and even into college. I have attended and been part of hundreds of games. The excitement, the noise, the tense moments are all combined into a few short hours that result in victory or defeat.

I remember the big clock counting down to halftime. For many, this was a time to grab refreshments, watch the halftime show, or head to the fieldhouse for a debrief.

As this month approaches, we must view this as our halftime.

Maybe it’s time for you to take a refresh in the form of a vacation, do a reset on your mindset, or get clear on how you can continue to win with a few important adjustments.

We all know when we are winning and when we are behind. We look at the scoreboard, and it speaks loud and clear. This is the time to look at our numbers and compare them to our goals to see if we are still on track. If not, it’s time to reset and adjust. For our Staging company here in Dallas, we were ready for the downturn in our market many months ago. We knew there would be less vacant homes on the market and we had to let our clients know about our occupied services. We had to play offense on this and continue to do it today. We could not bank on one stream of income in this down market. As you know, we also went into the short term rental setup business. We have shared with you our steps and are even hosting two HSRA Masterminds around the subject matter. We have, and continue to adjust our playbook based on the obstacles in front of us.

How about you? Is your team active on the field and helping call the right plays as well? Are they seeing new opportunities around your company? Now is the time to push the gas and move forward to gain extra ground. We are all continuing to lead in this industry and share in our results.

What do you want your halftime to look like? Take this month to refresh, refocus, and re-assess. Play offense. Partner with those around you to create massive results so everyone wins. We are looking forward to growing with you and us all winning together!

See you soon,


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