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Jana’s Onstage at the 10X Growth Conference!

What an incredible experience!!

As the owner of Model My Home Staging in DFW, TX and the Home Staging and ReDesign Alliance, I have been in many exciting rooms in my career. I am also still riding the wave of obtaining my Real Estate license in TX in a short two month time-frame! To say these past few weeks have been a whirlwind would be an understatement!

What you may not know is I am also a Grant Cardone Licensee. I am a firm believer in the benefits offered through Cardone University for all things Sales, Marketing, and Business Leadership. Our team has implemented many of the tools available within both Model My Home and HSRA, and seen tremendous growth and success from it.

This past weekend, at the annual 10X GrowthCon, I had the honor of being recognized on stage in front of over 4,000 people as one of the Top Three Licensees in the Grant Cardone program for 2021.

You may not know Grant, or his huge business empire of over 15 companies within the Real Estate and Investment sectors. You may not be familiar with his programs or services, but it was so incredible to receive this recognition.

It is not simply a big deal for me – it is a big deal for the entire Home Staging and ReDesign industry. Because when I go ahead, I will take you with me. When I am in a room with people more wealthy, more successful, more educated, etc. I refuse to back away or embrace fear. I go all in – and I take you with me.

I represent all of us. And when I win, we all win.

I am so excited to see what incredible breakthroughs come from our continued involvement with Grant, his crew, and all things Real Estate!

Onto bigger and better, one day at a time!!

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