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Pivot from the "Norm"

Here we are in May as another month rolls by us quickly. What an interesting and unique year this has been for us so far! Hopefully it has been an amazing one for you as well.

We have definitely received some out-of-the-box requests within our staging company, but they have all been met with the attitude of “why not?”

Here are a few examples of our recent pivots from the norm:

Can you stage the property we just purchased for my boss who travels to Dallas frequently and do a long-term lease?

Our reply?... Sure!

We have six apartments coming up on our short term rental platform. Would you provide us a quote to do each of these? And by the way, we need them complete within two weeks.

Our reply?... Absolutely, we will get you a quote!

Can we buy the items in the property we are purchasing, and by the way, can you guys wait until we see it in person since we are out-of-town buyers?

Our reply?... No Problem!

Can you stage our seven-figure lake home within the week for Airbnb? We have also left some items in the property we would love you to incorporate.

Our reply?... You got it!

Yes, this year has been met with its challenges, but we also know there have been some INCREDIBLE silver linings. “Silver linings” was a phrase that Jennifer, our Production Director at MMH, challenged each of our team members to begin using when met with obstacles throughout the day. When difficult situations arise and complaints begin to flow, the team members listening immediately reply with two words: Silver linings! They then shift to immediate statements of gratitude and silver linings inside of the obstacle; offering solutions and results rather than creating an environment of negativity.

This concept has worked wonderfully for the last few months and we encourage you to try it with your teams as well. For this to make an impact on your team however, it must first begin with you. As an owner or strategic leader in your business, it is up to us to immediately respond with the right heart and go-getter attitude. It is time for some re-programming just as the civilians must do when they enter the Armed Forces. Retrain the brain and the body to react and respond immediately and your team will follow. I will be talking about the bounce back method in my article. Continue your “thrive mentality” and let’s build empires that are making a difference together!



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