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Steps to Living a 10X Leadership Life Personally & Professionally

I love the concept of 10X Leadership. More importantly, I love the concept lived out

and demonstrated through others. It’s easy to recognize someone who is living a 10X life with 10X thinking. It permeates everything they do. Before we assess if we are living at this level and demonstrating it through leadership, let’s review the definitions. The concept of 10X was derived from Grant Cardone and in his book The 10X Rule.

This powerful book should be on your annual read list not once, but twice. The focus of the 10X principle is “You must set targets that are 10 times what you think you want and then do 10 times what you think it will take to accomplish those targets. Massive thoughts must be followed by massive actions.”

Someone living a 10X life is assertive, determined, and disciplined in almost everything they do. They demonstrate a life of thinking bigger and achieving more than the average with relentless focus, meaningful relationships, and exponential goals. As you know, HSRA/MBA has aligned with the 10X concept in 2020 and it’s helping others see what a difference the 10X mindset makes.

But, leadership is the key. There’s none better than John Maxwell when it comes to leadership. The principles he pours into his books and programs are second to none. He leads by example and brings others on the journey with him. His take on a 360 Leader derives from learning to lead yourself first then helping lead and develop others. This includes discipline and determination in our own lives that impact others. I’ve personally been under the leadership of John Maxwell for over 25 years in other organizations. These leadership principles we integrate into our businesses and personal lives set us apart and attract other leaders.

Let’s talk about the concept of 10X Leadership. When you put these two words together, it’s like dynamite. There is synergy. It’s magic. Becoming a 10X leader does not happen overnight or by default. We build these key concepts into our lives and others notice. The discipline must be daily, the accountability must be continuous, and the driver must not stop.

Another book from Grant is Be Obsessed or Be Average. 10X Leadership is not average. It’s attractive. It’s admired. And it’s contagious.

How do you build your 10X Leadership?

Find those around you that believe in these concepts. Connect with others who want to live a 10X Leadership life. Frequently engaging with and surrounding yourself with others you can help to catch this concept. We here at HSRA are committed to living a 10X life and demonstrating 10X Leadership.

We continue to let go of old thoughts, bad habits, and destructive relationships that keep us from living a 10X Leadership life.

How about you? Are you ready?

Here are 3 Steps to a 10X Leadership life.

Step 1: Make a list of other 10X Leaders you know or recognize and reach out to them for a meeting or discussion.

Step 2: Set your daily calendar and incorporate at least 30 minutes of 10X leadership talk from John Maxwell and/or Grant Cardone.

Step 3: Respond to every situation with a 10X Leadership attitude.

The concepts below represent the ideal 10X Leadership attitude:

  • I am always an example of how others should be living, thinking, and doing.

  • Every negative situation I encounter is an opportunity to take the positive and build upon it.

  • I must always be the bigger person no matter what the situation.

  • I must take control of my thoughts, emotions, attitude, actions, and reactions because they are either building or tearing down my leadership effectiveness.

  • My capacity to see more opportunities, achieve more, and create more can only happen through leading and working with others.

  • Every second, minute and day counts in a 10X Leadership life. I am never off. I never take a break. Everything always matters.

A 10X Leadership life is all about legacy. As we build businesses that last, let’s continue focusing on our leadership skills, personal and professional development, and building relationships with others who are like-minded.

The good news is your area is full of small business owners related to the real estate industry who are just waiting to connect with you. Building stronger businesses together is what it’s all about. You can’t connect if you don’t start the conversation. Find the places, organizations, and people to connect with locals, and know that you will always have your HSRA/MBA family to connect with.

Let’s build a legacy together!

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