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You Must Know to Grow!

You must know in order to grow, and with growth, it should always be happening. It is essential to not only reflect inwardly but to get to know who you’re working with.

For most, we spend more time with our team than we do with our families. Though we are working together towards an ultimate goal, we are also humans, and relationships and bonding are invaluable when everyone is needed to truly level up. Any misconceptions between team members can cause disruptions that may impact productivity and morale. By taking simple steps to understand each team member's individual strengths, communication style, and behavior patterns, you can create a much more efficient and cohesive team. Let’s quickly take a look at what each assessment is and why it is beneficial. You will only need about 20 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete both assessments.

DISC Assessment

This assessment provides businesses with a framework to better understand the behavior of themselves and others. It provides an understanding of natural tendencies, strengths, development areas, motivators, fears, and much more. The four letters in the acronym represent a different type of personality style, also known as temperament or behavioral traits. They explain whether a person is extroverted or introverted and the task or people-orientated or a combination of the characteristics. This assessment is free, and there is a paid extended version if interested.

Enneagram Assessment

This assessment determines personality type by identifying an individual's core beliefs about the world and how that drives their motivators and fears. There are nine categorizations of personalities, and each category consists of a different mixture of one's head, heart, and mind.

The Enneagram provides an understanding of motivations, fears, and desires which help with personal growth and self-awareness. It is used to understand yourself and others better. The assessment is free to find out your number. After you know you’re number you can Google the number type and find a multitude of information. They have Instagram pages, Pinterest boards, and endless resources to know how certain number types work with others, communication approaches, etc. It is straightforward to navigate for all technological skills.

These assessments will be helpful to you, your team, overall happiness, and success.

Let's grow!

-Rebecca Wood

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